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Why Choose Us?

Fresh fruit—and all its pulpy goodness. Miles of fields just outside Portland roll in all directions, a carpet of green so lush you can’t believe is real; rows of deep-colored berries of all kinds; orchards with branches heavy with fruit; a precious bounty beyond our wildest dream. This inspires us. 

Carefully shepherded by masterful hands, the crops are our golden riches. We greet the farmers with hugs, sharing family news, as they deliver the early-morning harvest to our kitchen. Their best quality fruit and berries are minimally processed – really just juiced with seed removal while fruit pulp remains – cooked briefly in open kettles with pure cane sugar and organic lemon juice, some sparkling water is added, we bottle and pasteurize. The treasure of Pacific Northwest summer is captured, allowing us to share this treat with others, spreading happiness. With soft bubbles and light effervescence, the magnificent fruit is what you taste, its all-natural velvety texture is what you feel. 

This is our passion. 

Your HOTLIPS Soda experience should be undeniably FRESH + FRUITY — a delicious, all natural, sweet treat. If you’re ever curious about our soda, give us a holler. We love to answer your questions + we value your feedback very much.

About Us

HOTLIPS has been a family-owned business since making Portland's first gourmet pizzas in 1984. In 2005 we began producing fresh fruit soda using the fruits and berries our farmers were growing. Today HOTLIPS is comprised of six pizzerias in Portland, a commissary kitchen, a soda brewing operation and a catering department equipped with mobile pizza oven. 


Buy HOTLIPS Soda in all six of our Portland HOTLIPS Pizza locations. 7 Days a week from 11am-9pm.


1432 SE 22nd Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

8:00 AM — 5:00 PM